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The Lost Room is.. In Your Head. Just open the door.. Here’s an excellent mix from DJ Hot Spot, in the latest podcast!Β  This compilation is quite broad in the style of the sound, but there’s no doubt that all these tracks depict the whole charm of techno music, in different ways. Get ready […]

A groovy progressive breaks mix with a hint of trance and a solid bass! You only need to float on the waves of these amazing tracks and tap out the powerful progressive beats rhythms.  

Wobble! Wobble! Wobble! A dubstep podcast powerful enough to rip you up. This is dubstep wobble bass, kids! Let’s all put our rasta robes on and swing to some dubstep! Download the podcast and get infected with that dubstep wobble!

Why light Drum’n’Bass,you ask? Of course it could be called soulful, liquid funk ΠΈ atmospheric but what really unites them all is lightness and airiness of content.The podcast will sweep you through hills where there are peaks of joy and of melancholy, so hold your breath and turn the volume up!

It’s fall, but the weather is still making us happy with warm days; and now I’m going to make you happy with an excellentbreakbeat mix in this podcast. Let’s flip the mood switch to excellent and listen to the podcast!

Just as in the last house podcast, here we’ve collected various types of electronica: house, electro, trance, of various kinds, progressive, dance, and also something that goes by the tag of french and even tecktonik πŸ™‚

This compilation reflects the surging energy of summer!Β A drop of vocals, an explosive beat, a deep bass, and real tech house grooves can help you keep up your excellent mood!

So, who here’s still alive? Let’s listen to this podcast and see the veins stand out on your wrists and your feet drum the floor in time with the techno beat Be brave! Techno d’n’b is as merciless as ever…

Nu Rave – isn’t Electro πŸ˜› So in this podcast strings will be strummed, the floor will shake, and the beat will make you want to send it all to hell. This time we have an abundance of indie groups, including Russian ones, taking on the trendy, pampered Europeans, ruffling their whiskers, and in fact […]

I present Starfish’s second intellectual mix. You will experience a plunge into the depths of your consciousness, bringing order to the dusty shelves of your own Self. Think about what is really dear to you, about eternal values, and about the moments in your life that are the dearest to your heart.

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